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 Role Play Rules

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PostSubject: Role Play Rules   Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:26 pm

-No God Modding, you cannot control another person's character while role playing with them.
-It is possible for vampires to be on the werewolf side and vice-versa
-Humans, elves, angels and other mythical creatures are allowed, but please bear in mind they would be more likely to stay outside of a battle, though they are allowed to battle
-If you make a human fight a vampire or werewolf, your human character will die
-Inter-species relationships are allowed and encouraged
-Your character can disobey orders from coven heads and superiors etc, so long as your posts remain within the forum rules, and please remember your character may be punished by said superior for doing it
-You need permission from a member if you wish to kill or seriously harm their character
-Use forum dice while battling to make things fair
-Refer to the usual forum rules
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Role Play Rules
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