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 Kayn's Charrie 8 - Shadow

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PostSubject: Kayn's Charrie 8 - Shadow   Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:24 am

name: Shadow
age: Unknown, from stories it's guessed that he's in his sixties
gender: Male
race: Elf
affiliation: Neutral
personality: Quite laid back usually, but can get frustrated easily as his lack of being able to speak to other humanoids leads to them most of the time misinterpreting what he's trying to say.
physical description: He's pale, tall, pretty skinny, long black hair, grey eyes
story: Shadow was abandoned in the forest by parents who couldn't afford to look after him when he was a very young child. As in, could barely walk yet. Any name his parents gave him he has long since forgotten. He was lucky enough that the forest god took pity on him, and so the wolf pack that followed him took the child in rather than killing him, raising him as one of their own. Due to his humanoid appearance he has always been considered an outsider among the pack, something he doesn't really understand. He grew up as one of the pack, and had his first heartbreak from one of the females he had always had a crush on, who rejected him rather coldly. It wasn't long after this that the pack went hunting and he found himself getting into a fight with a very large male deer. He was injured pretty badly and retreated to a nearby stream to tend to himself, where he collapsed. This was when Thalia found him and took him in. Thalia was the first humanoid he had met in his living memory, and she gave him the name Shadow, as due to his obvious awe and infatuation with her, he follows her around like a shadow.
pic: Later.

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PostSubject: Re: Kayn's Charrie 8 - Shadow   Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:17 pm

I approve
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Kayn's Charrie 8 - Shadow
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