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 Character form

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PostSubject: Character form   Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:46 pm

Post under '_______'s charrie 1/2/3/4 - _____'
First space = your username/nickname
1/2/3/4 = number of your charrie
Second space = character's name

affiliation (just 'cos you're a vamp doesn't mean you're on their side):
physical description:
story (optional):
pic (if possible):

If you're a werewolf, you have to wait for me to approve your character before you can start role playing. If you're a vampire, you have to wait for Kayn. If you're neither race, wait for whoever is head of the race you're supporting. If you're a vampire supporting the werewolves, a werewolf supporting the vampires, or if you support neither race, both Kayn and myself have to approve your character before you can role play with it. You're allowed as many characters as you want. Have each character on a different topic please, to make it easy for approvals etc. When it's been approved, it'll be moved to the approved charries forum.
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Character form
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